Thursday, February 10, 2011

WEDDING DAY…Wedding Day...

A glorious day, a dream day, a dreamy day, a day that is recorded, photographed, videoed and remembered. It is  a day that I pray for all of my brides that remains forever part of the dream, "for as long as you both shall live”. It is a day of starts, beginnings and pauses.

Photo: Nate Henderson of Open Light Studio

What do I have to do with Wedding Days? Well, I make wedding cakes, and that is a very special job.  I am oh so privileged to make the little or grand cake that is part of that most special celebration.

Photo: Nate Henderson of Open Light Studio

The word “part” here is very important to understand because the cake is only a part of a beautiful picture and my part is to make it fit in seamlessly, stress-lessly and deliciously.

The cake can reflect formality, light heartedness, favorite memories, a sense of humor and yes,  drama (I love to get a little drama in), You see what a great job I have? Flowers and ribbons and favors and invitation themes and bridesmaid’s colors!  I get to do this all year! Spring colors, fall hues, apple green, eggplant, pool blue, beachy themes, “casual elegance”, “simple elegance” or ”Elegant elegance”! Itty bitty budget, or Blow the Budget, just let me know.

Photo: Nate Henderson of Open Light Studio

You think, I’m not having fun?

And grooms cakes! Sometimes the groom is more of a diva than you would like to think but we must keep him happy. There are sailboats, redfish, baseball caps, ducks, and school logos (yup and don’t mix up Auburn with Alabama, both “A”s, oops).

So,Valentine’s day is coming up soon gals, so keep your fingers crossed and hope to hear from you soon.

Something borrowed, something blue, but something special, just for you.
Love and Kisses,
Wedding Cake Mama

P.S. A great big thank you to Nate Henderson at Open Light Studio for sending the photos along of the happy couple enjoying their cake - always a perk to see the smiles!

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