Wednesday, March 9, 2011


     What do you do with yesterday? I mean just you, I’m only talking about good memories, the kind that say “ this is going to be fun,” a little giddy, the kind that just pop up and say, "Remember me?  Remember that day  when we…? ooh yeah",  can you see pictures in color? Or do they smell?  Do they taste?  Can you feel them like feathers held against your chin?, Can they crunch and pop in your mouth ? How about the noises, and the music ? Oh, the music, the tunes, not so far away,and  yes, music that tastes... delicious.

     This is what I want to talk about, memories wrapped around tastes and smells and giggles and burned fingers, and chocolate chip  cookie dough smeared on blue denim aprons.  

      For me, yesterday’s memories are wafting out of a closet sized baking corner that housed a mixer, an oven and a tiny sink. Oh, yes, and cookies, lots of cookies, chocolate chip cookies as big as a baby’s face, just  35 cents. Chocolate chip pecan pies, Mumbos (I’ll tell you about them later), Milk dud cookies, and sweet spicy carrot bread. And a chocolate crusted peanut butter caramel pie that was Sooo satisfying !

    Many people from multiple corners of  this beautiful earth have squeezed their way in to my little bakery, juice bar, sandwich shop and for that I am forever grateful. I have been asked hundreds of times how it got started or, where did I learn to bake, or where did I get the recipes for our salads, or how much fat is in the French Almond Peach bread, (0), or what is the secret spice in that lemon bar? Usually I just fidgeted the question away and tried to answer in a self effacing way that allowed me to go back to the hinter rooms of the bakery and hide behind a mound of butter cream or slipped into a tiny office that is in the midst of a bustling kitchen that has been my home for lo these many years.

    The coffee pot is on, the window is open, come on in have a piece of cake,that's where I'll be,

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