Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yesterday ,dinner,just the two of us

Dinner for two  usually conjurs up a small table, maybe  candles, flowers,soft music, an air of romance.Well this dinner for two was different but no less special.The table was a long  green picnic table with two benches . The music came from a parakeet who greeted us with "Let's go to the movies!"It was 1952,  I was ten and we listened to a clock radio which I called my "Baby Sitter",we did not own a TV. Daddy was on the Battle ship New Jersey in Korea and  Mama ,a telephone operator,would have just driven home from work 35 miles away. She and I would have dinner together most every night but we would have this  special dinner once a week, after we visited the Egg Lady, yup.. it was Sunny Sides and toast.The eggs had been plucked from the nests that morning, some times they were double yolkers.The toast was Pepperidge Farms, and the jam was strawberry, home made with big berries, still very red. What made it so special ? Well it was certainly economical,but it was part adventure ,part  awaited routine . When I think about it, it was special because it was the just two of us, Daddy was far away , I had no idea we were creating a memory.
     We drove our very nice two toned 49 Ford up Moose Hill ,traded last weeks egg crates for two or three filled with big brown eggs,I would bake something new with extras. We had already been to Benton's meat market for the bacon and probably picked up the bread there too.
    Now  it was back to  our home, and have percolated coffee,bacon and eggs. That may not sound so special ,but it was still a treat because  it was dinner and not breakfast and also the way Mama showed me how she liked to eat her eggs. They were over easy in butter, slightly crispy on the edges. She ate the white part first, and then very carefully slipped the soft oozy yolk onto the butter knife and slid it into her mouth. I copied her, carefully cutting a circle around the yolk first, then popped it in my mouth. Wow! Warm liquid gold seeped out the corners of my happy smile, that was fun, let's do it again, and happily I did.
Yesterday, see you tomorrow, Signe

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